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Treaty's Story

Treaty specializes in making healthy and delicious treats and cookies for dogs.
We hope to grow the company in order to spread health to cute dogs all over the world.
We have two little helpers who add sweetness to each recipe:
Meet Luke!

Luke likes to chew diverse objects and house furniture, lick everything that comes his way, play with Nina, and run outside.

Meet Nina!

Nina likes to stop random people on the street just to get a pet, relax herself on the sofa, play with Luke, and most of all she likes indulging on treats.

Cute white dog
Cute black dog
We don't often pay attention to the problematic ingredients found in most industrial dog treats.
But we do have the possibility to choose better options for them, so that they can continue to enjoy life and wag their tails as much as possible.
Therefore, Treaty's treats contain only natural ingredients and superfoods, without preservatives and without food colorings or artificial additives. The treats are dehydrated on a low temperature to maintain freshness and nutritional value.

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