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Do dogs like your treats?
Most dogs really like our treats, even those that are used to eating meat treats. Sometimes they need a moment to get used to the new smells, but usually after the first bite they devour the treat and ask for more!
Are the treats suitable for puppies/adult dogs?
The treats are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, they are not too tough to eat, so that even dogs with not fully developed teeth/sensitive teeth can easily eat the treats and enjoy them.
My dog ​​is sensitive to many treats, will your treats suit him?
Common allergies in dogs are animal protein (dairy, meat and chicken), soy, and wheat gluten. All our treats are free of these allergens. In addition, the treats are 100% natural without chemicals or other by-products, and the chance of allergy from our treats is very low.
*If there is a special sensitivity, consult a veterinarian first.
What is your Delivery Policy?
​We send our products to all corners of the country except for the cupcakes, which can only be delivered in the center of Israel.
Free delivery on purchases over 150 NIS.
Home delivery price - NIS 25.
You can also do self-collection free of charge from Ramat Gan.
For more information about delivery.
How long are the treats good for?
​The treats are dehydrated to maintain the nutritional values ​​and freshness, and the packaging maintains freshness as well, the treats have a shelf life of over six months.

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